We are currently observing a rise in new forms of cooperations. We can see their effects in cultural associations and initiatives, in organisations, in neighbourhoods, in social movements, in the internet…

People are increasingly networking to achieve their visions of a good life and to express their political ideas. For this they are developing new approaches to think together, to work together and to produce together: open labs, community media, bike shops, creative commons or collective gardening. These are all expressions of alliances, which not only have an effect on every day life but also act as models and impulses for developments within society.

The focus of these alliances and cooperations generally though lie in the physically, the politically and digitally obvious: the people and conditions around us. They can be influenced and shaped together. Our ability to cooperate and act collectively is a powerful resource!

The Innovation Pool 2014 therefore invites you to develope new forms of criticism, nurture, measuring and designing cooperations and oppositions. We are preferably looking for art and cultural projects that look upon rescources such as “cooperations” and “collectivity” not only as means but also as the object and purpose of their engagement.

Submission Criteria
The Kupf Innovation Pool invites projects that relate to the outlined topic, that take place or originate in Upper Austria and have a strong regional or local reference. All submissions should be within contemporary cultural practices and motivated by artistic or cultural working methods. All submissions require sensitivity towards gender issues and mechanisms of social exclusion.

Projects can be subdmitted until Monday the 3rd of February via mail to it@kupf.at

Projects can be submitted by independent cultural initiatives or individuals or groups, regardless of origins, residence or nationality. Individuals can submit projects in a collective or in cooperation with a cultural initiative/association. Entries will not be accepted from regional administrative bodies, public departments, churches, political parties, employees and members of the board of the Upper Austrian Cultural Platform (KUPF) or the KUPF themselves.
Projects that have already started or have been completed as well as projects that have already been funded by the Province of Upper Austria/Department of Culture can no longer be submitted to the Innovation Pool.
The juried projects must start or finish in 2014. All projects need to be realised and finalised within 12 months after notification (inculding realisation, final report and receipt settlements).

Submission Guidelines

Each project submission (max. 8 pages in German language) must include the following:

A compact project overview (max. 1000 characters) detailing the intent, the motivation, it´s relevance to the topic and the local/regional conditions.
A short self-presentation
A realistically calculated budget including costs and revenues generated by the project. The maximum amount of funding is 80% of the estimated costs provided. Do not forget fees for your own work!

5 regional and national experts ranging from contemporary art to cultural work will asses the best projects in a public hearing on the 13th of March 2014 and will subsequently recommend them to the government of the Federal Province of Upper Austria for funding.

The KUPF Innovation Pool is anticipated to contain 90,000 Euros from the Cultural and Social Support Fund of Upper Austria. The KUPF will try to obtain additional grants for project funding. Payments will start within 12 weeks after project start. Payment in installments can also be arranged.

Consultation, Information and PR:
The KUPF team offers consultations for submissions.

Legal Regulations
The juries decision is not subject to appeal. Any submitted project does not entitle the participant to legal claims. The entrant retains all copyrights. The KUPF is not responsible for any costs that may arise for participants in this call for proposals. The KUPF assumes no responsibility for submitted project materials. Such materials become the property of KUPF without recompense.

Funds awarded come from public funds of the Federal Province of Upper Austria. The funding awarded and the subsequent invoicing of these funds will have to comply with current regulations of the Federal Province of Upper Austria.

The selected projects are obligated to attach the logo of the Federal Province of Upper Austria and the Innovation Pool logo along with the statement „Gefördert durch das Land Oberösterreich im Rahmen des KUPF-Innovationstopfes 2014“ (templates will be provided by the KUPF) to all advertising material and products in conjunction with the realization of the project and the appropriate indication of funding through the Innovation Pool in all their press releases and/or press conferences.
→ Allg. Förderrichtlinien des Landes Oberösterreich