The announcement of the KUPF-Innovation Pool and the criteria for entries in english!

Deadline for entries: 10th March 2008

It used to be that „power“ was bad and „democracy“ was still good. Today we are no longer sure: is our world of life or are our initiatives actually democratic? Or do we live in an automatic world, where those who happen to have been born here make a mark every four years and yet still change nothing? Have we lost the power to make democracy? Do we even want power? Or do we prefer to be powerless? And shouldn’t democracy really be a direct possibility for shaping our own lives?

More questions than answers, and as is so often the case, the power to define terms, understandings and discourses also determines their value. The KUPF invites all initiatives to culturally and artistically confront themselves and/or their environment, to seek power, use it, deconstruct it, and reinterpret it. The KUPF extends an invitation to take a close look at democracy in one’s own circles and in the macrocosm, to appropriate it, live it, and simply do it. The KUPF invites an honest and sincere confrontation, instead of fraternizing and serving, invites cultural participation and political cultural work!

Let the discussions begin!



Criteria for Subject Matter
The KUPF Innovation Pool invites projects to be submitted, which
* take place in Upper Austria or can establish a strong connection to Upper Austria in their subject matter;
* are located in the field of contemporary culture and/or art and relate to the announcement text;
* have a strong regional or local relevance;
* cross boundaries (geographically or thematically);
* are distinguished by an unconventional and, in the regional context, innovative idea;
* are intrinsically sensitive to gender issues;
* give preference to socially disadvantaged groups and individuals as activists and/or target group.

Formal Criteria
* Entrants can be independent cultural initiatives or individuals or groups, regardless of origins, residence or nationality. Entries will not be accepted from regional administrative bodies, public departments, churches, political parties, employees and board members of the Upper Austrian Cultural Platform (KUPF) or the KUPF itself.
* Deadline for entry is Monday, 10 March 2008 (postmarked)
* Applications must be sent to the KUPF in 10 copies (for jury, sponsors, etc.) on paper.
* Those responsible for the project are obligated to provide the KUPF with material (photos, logos, texts, …), which KUPF can use for PR work with the relevant media, and a concluding report (with project documentation and evaluation).
* Projects must be realized within one year after the jury decision. Projects that have already been started or realized cannot be funded by the Innovation Pool. Projects that have already been funded by the Province of Upper Austria/Department of Culture can no longer apply for funding from the KUPF Innovation Pool (double funding!)

With projects involving both migrants and majority Austrians, the jury will pay particular attention to the process of cooperation (power relations and imbalences in power, task distribution, whether there is a reflection process, financial distribution, how participation is made possible).

Guidelines for Entry
The project entry must include the following sections so that it can be judged by the jury:
* Project description: a detailed description of the project, the motivation for it and its relevance to the theme and the regional situation.
* Self-presentation of the entrant: who is responsible for the project, which cultural/art projects have already been realized.
* Budget: realistically calculated project costs and revenues; need for financing from the KUPF Innovation Pool. Do not forget fees for your own work!
* Brief description of the project (max. 500 characters) and short version of the self-presentation (max. 300 characters) in electronic form for the publication of all entered projects on the KUPF web site and in other media.

The project description and self-presentation should not be longer than 10 pages in total.

A five-person jury of regional and transregional experts in the field of contemporary art and cultural work will make a selection from the entered projects in an open jury meeting on 24 and 25 April 2008, which they will recommend to the government of the Federal Province of Upper Austria for funding.

The KUPF Innovation Pool is provided with at least 75,000 Euro from the Cultural Support Fund of the Province of Upper Austria. KUPF will endeavor to secure additional project funding. Payment of the funding will be made beginning in June 2008 at the earliest.

Consultation, Information and Publicity
The KUPF team offers consultation for potential entrants.
A short version of the announcement is also available in several foreign languages from the KUPF web site.
The KUPF will take care of transregional press work on the jury process and will accompany/document the projects in its own media. In addition, a folder will be prepared presenting all the projects considered by the jury, thus providing a broader and more lasting promotion of the KUPF Innovation Pool projects. Those responsible for the projects will receive support for their own press work if they wish.

The KUPF offers a meeting for interested entrants to discuss questions about content and organization Friday, 11 January 2008, 5.00 pm at the KUPF office, Untere Donaulände 10/1, 4020 Linz. Following the selection of the projects, a meeting will be held with those responsible for the projects funded by the Innovation Pool to discuss the most important organizational questions and proceedings.

In addition, the KUPF Academy offers a workshop on funding in art and culture on 29 February and 1 March 2008. Projects can be prepared for entry in the course of this workshop. Costs: 120,- / 90,- (for KUPF members)
For registration and further information, please contact mailto:office@kupfakademie.at or (0680) 21 68 104.

Legal Regulations
The decision of the jury is final. The submission of a project does not entitle the participant to any legal claims. The entrant retains all copyrights. The KUPF is not responsible for any costs arising for the participant due to participation in this competition. The KUPF assumes no responsibility for submitted project materials. Such materials become the property of KUPF without recompense.

The funding to be awarded comes from the public funds of the Federal Province of Upper Austria. Projects already funded by the Federal Province of Upper Austria under the title Cultural Funding are therefore not eligible for additional funding from the KUPF Innovation Pool. The award and accounting of the funds will comply with current regulations of the Federal Province of Upper Austria.
The selected projects are obligated to attach the logo of the Federal Province of Upper Austria and the Innovation Pool logo along with the remark „Funded by the Federal Province of Upper Austria in conjunction with the KUPF Innovation Pool 2006“ (templates will be provided by the KUPF) to all advertising material and products in conjunction with the realization of the project and to indicate funding through the Innovation Pool in all of their own press releases and press conferences.

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